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2008 Campbell Spring Round-up

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What a great Spring Round-up week-end. Friday night we got together at Montana's for a pre-round-up social, The wind subsided and we had a beautiful day to drive up to the gorge. There was plenty of great food, some old and new faces, plenty of beautiful Campbell boats and everyone was sporting some cool new Campbell shirts for the round-up, thanks to Beth Riggen.

Special thanks to Brad and Beth Riggen for coordinating the round-up.


Friday pre-roundup gathering




Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.'s a FORD


Bill seems happy to be here....or is he braggin about something?


The Brooks family in "Lemon Drop" racing to the gorge




Damn Saturday traffic...Holy Smokes, check out all the Campbells!!






Hmmm...You fill in the caption.

A)Folmer draggin' ass through the gorge.

B)Bill's Campbell has a larger tank than he does.

C)Pam giving Bill a time-out on the swimstep.








Is that a Coast Guard approved life vest?





Hi Arlene!!



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