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One of our longtime fellow Campbell owners, Ron Fasola, owner of "Strange Brew", has a few passions in his life. Besides his lovely wife Arlene, he has passions for food, tools, and fortunately for us, Campbell Boats. His '77 Campbell 24' cuddy cabin boat is one of the nicest you will see on the lake and he has spent 29 years maintaining and upgrading it. He is a mechanical engineer who spent a portion of his early career devising and running tests on various fuels and lubes on an engine and chassis dyno at a research center. He apparently has always enjoyed researching a subject in depth, then documenting all the details of whatever finally got done. After talking with him, he has offered to share some of his knowledge gained the hard way with his fellow Campbellites. He understands first hand that if one likes to do most of his own maintenance on a Campbell, it will take some serious time, tools, and tech help in order to keep these glorious machines running proudly up and down the lake all day. .


Battery Care and Chargers-Updated 8-16-10


Rudder and Shaft Packing


Motor Oil


Octane and Gasoline






Adding 2nd Captains Chair


Trailer Bunk Repair


Cavitation Plate Update